Hello and thanks for visiting! This is the website for the Philosophy group in Bradford. The group is organised as part of the Philosophy in Pubs Project. Our regular venue is The Sparrow and meetings are at time 17:30 to 20:00 on the second Monday of each month. (Or some other time and place depending on what people want!)

This group is very quiet at the moment. There haven't been many meetings in the recent past. But if you are reading this and are interested in the group then leave a comment below and you might be able to meet one of the two permanent members of this group. Meetings can be arranged on an ad hoc basis depending on interest.

Meantime here are answers to some questions you might have.

1. What is the group about?
In terms of content it's about Philosophy whether it be the ideas of Plato or Kant (and all those sorts of people) or just the desire to examine things a bit more carefully than usual. No knowledge of academic philosophy is assumed. Our emphasis is very much on participating in the thinking, rather than in trying to remember sagely quotes. ... In terms of style read this (from the old Philosophy in Pubs website): "Thinking philosophically generally means thinking carefully and rationally. It means thinking, as much as one can, freely and independently – you could say it’s the opposite of a herd mentality. Most importantly, it means thinking with an open and fair mind. Philosophy helps you think for yourself – to see the difference between good thinking and bad. The general mode of thinking is mostly unimaginative and sloppy. It aims at impressing people. It hates to admit it might be wrong. Philosophical thinking is sharp, creative, and careful. It aims at finding out the truth rather than winning arguments." ... We’re not a debating society, we’re not about scoring points or sinking pints, you don’t even need to be a drinker. We’re just a group of people having a relaxed, reasoned, enjoyable conversation that leads (hopefully) to greater understanding. If you can listen and consider then you’re very welcome to join us. (We are here on the Philosophy in Pubs website.)

2. How will you know where we'll be sitting?
It’s not a big place and we’ll be the ones sat there looking vaguely intellectual - or at least looking vague. ... Failing that ask the bar staff.

3. What is the format of the discussion going to be?
Group discussion in an orderly manner. More on principles and practice can be found HERE.