Second meeting 10 October 2011.

Subject was: "Is life fair and should it be?".

People who attended: Dave, Masood.

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masood said...

Selection of things discussed:
The unfairness of progressive taxation? Income inequalities. The value of skills determined by the market (supply and demand). Talent not innate. Hard work, talent and luck. The importance of nurturing children. Investment in children. Variations in opportunities and attention different children get. Present day society not meritocratic. Motivation of (rewarding of) untalented hard-working people compared with talented people (who might not be as hard-working). The devaluing of acheivement (exam grade inflation). Perfect fairness acheived by placing all children in the same circumstances from birth onwards. Nurturing of personality. The Stanford Marshmallow Experiment. Intervention to reward hard work rather than luck. Inequality still possible as some people may work harder (and/or for longer) than others.

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