Meeting number 17 on 14 January 2013.

There was no proposed subject!

People who attended: Masood, Douglas, Dave and Martin.

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masood said...

Some of the things that got talked about as follows. ... Political problems with living in a co-operative household. Getting a high from exercising your intellect. Carl Sagan's 'Cosmos'. Martin's favourite philosophers: Montaigne and Diogenes the Cynic. Competition in sports and elsewhere. We should celebrate skills and achievements other than Olympic sports. For example the ability to remain calm under pressure. Or 'emotional intelligence' in general. ... Politicians should be paid more (not less) so that we get the best people and to stop them being corrupt. Conflict between desire for strong leaders and desire for accountability (ie checks on power). Suggestions for an ideal democratic system? More or less mass political participation. Evil (but popular) newspapers. The Daily Mail song on YouTube.

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