Meeting number 18 on 11 February 2013.

Subject was suggested by Dave "Truth versus beauty? Would you rather live in a beautiful delusion or with the harsh reality? If you knew your delusion was a delusion could you still live with it? Could you deny the truth and sustain the lie? Is ignorance bliss?"

People who attended: Dave, Masood.


masood said...

Some of the things that we talked about. The Beautiful Lie and The Truth. The Fool's Paradise. Example: is it better to live in a sham relationship or to find out the truth that your spouse is being unfaithful? If you do find that out then does that devalue the enjoyment you had while the relationship was happening? ... Distinction between living in a fake situation while knowing it and living in a fake situation without knowing it. ... You can't really live the Beautiful Lie if you know it's a lie. For example, imagine you really like Joe and one day I say to you, in a shocked and amazed tone, "have you heard about Joe?". You might respond "no please don't tell me I don't want the pleasure I get from being Joe's friend spoiled by finding out something horrible about him!" But you can't say that. It's too late. Because you know that there is something to know. Which is as bad as knowing it. Your relationship with Joe will never be the same again. You can't block out the knowledge. ... But maybe that is what some people do. People in abusive relationships. Or people who believe in fanciful superstitions by wilfully ignoring the facts that prove those superstitions wrong. ... Idea for a movie. Someone gets a suspicion about their partner and seeks to find out the Truth regardless of the fact that it might make them unhappy and then later on once it has made them unhappy they arrange to have the offending knowledge wiped from their memory and then later on they come accross the suspicion again and repeat of the story line ad infinitum. ... People who root around for the Truth about things versus those that just accept what is and go with the flow. Which one is better? The doctrine of Utilitarianism would say the latter? If there is no such thing as The Truth anyway then you may as well go with the Beautiful Lie. Maybe the Truth just is the most useful set of lies that we can come up with.

Anonymous said...

I do think this is a good idea for a film.

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