Meeting number 23 on 14 October 2013.

People who attended: Dave and Masood.


masood said...

Things discussed today. This is the most successful Philosophy Group in Bradford! ... Question: what is a discussion? If some people just expressed their opinions about something is that a discussion? It needs to have more progression. Does it need to be seeking consensus towards some particular end? Discussion as disinterested conversation where none of the parties have anything at stake. ... Question: why do people believe nonsense like creationism, homeopathy, denial of man-made climate change, existence of 'UFO's. (Religion is more understandable as performing useful social functions.) It's easy and comforting to believe these things. Also it requires intelligence to realise that these things are false. What is intelligence? (Snobbery about people of low intelligence. But this only make sense if their lack of intelligence is their own fault.) Is Intelligence the rate at which you acquire knowledge? If I took twice as long as you to learn something does that mean I'm less clever than you? Does it mean that I know what you know but in a worse sort of way? Some clever people have intelligence but lack social and practical skills. Is it that they don't have these skills or that they can't be bothered to exercise them because they are too busy with exercising their intellectual skills? Triangular analysis of conflict situations: three sorts of people are (1) those who want to get along, (2) those who want to get it done and (3) those who want to get it right. The latter use their reason? They would use it to decide what the right thing to do is? Is this what Kant thought you could do. Kant's Critique of Reason. His idea was that metaphysical statements (eg all events have a cause) can not be justified either by reason or experience. But they are Transcendental statements which must be true for any experience to be possible.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, I'm v. interested in coming down and plan to on the 11th - looking forward to it! Cheers for setting it up! N

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