Meeting number 24 on 11 November 2013.

People who attended: Dave and Masood.

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masood said...

A few random things that we talked about. Douglas Adams Puddle quote. ... The effects of alcohol vs the taste of an alcoholic drink. The relative contributions that these two things make to the desirability of an alcoholic drink. ... Private education is a confidence trick in that it selects a large part of its intake. Waiving the fees if necessary. (Ie it will admit clever students even if they can't afford the fees.) This improves it's output. Thus attracting not so clever students who do have the money to pay. But these latter students won't do any better than they would have done elsewhere. In fact neither do the clever students perform any worse than they would have done elsewhere. (Because they're clever.) ... Good teachers enable you to understand things you wouldn't be able to on your own. ... Radical university reform. Rhetoric, grammar and logic.

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